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History Of Music
Course Outline
Course Outline
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Musical Links
Introduction to the Class
What is Classical Music?
Elements of Music
The Middle Ages
The Renaissance
The Baroque
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The Classicism
The Romanticism
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                                                            COURSE OUTLINE


Week 1: Introduction to the Course. Review syllabus. Introduction of musical terms.


Week 2: Elements of Music, Families of instruments, Musical Forms, Musical Styles.


Week 3: Review and Test 1


Week 4: The Middle Ages and The Renaissance


Week 5: The Baroque


Week 6: The Baroque


Week 7: Review and Test 2


Week 8: The Classicism


Week 9: The Classicism –continuation-


Week 10: The Early Romantics


Week11:  Piano Music and Program Music


Week 12: Orchestra and Opera, Nationalism


Week 13: Review and Test 3


Week 14: Early 20th Century Music, Impressionism, American Composers


Week 15: 20th Century Musical Language


Week 16: Test 4