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My Favorite Musical Links


Do you want to learn about music theory? Try this website Just click here!.......

Do you want to learn about music, composers or the instruments of the orchestra?. Then you need to visit the New York Philharmonic website.!!! Just click here!....... And don't forget to stop at the Kidzone.

Do you want to be a composer?, or to try just for fun?. Then you need to try shockwave's website. Just click here!!!......... Have Fun!!!

Do you want information on Latin-American music? Just click here!!!.........

Are you a music educator looking for ideas, lesson plans, or updating? Then you need to check the Music Education Madness Website.!!! Just click here!.......

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Do you want to get information about classical composers. Check The Composers Database website

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At this website you can find lessons to teach, kids' activities, and more.........